Jeffery H. Haskell Author Website

Jeffery H. Haskell Author Website As a debut science fiction author, Jeffery Haskell needed a website to present himself and his upcoming novels to his readers. Professionalism and a clean, eye-catching design was essential, as well as user-friendly back-end maintenance. We put together a striking web space integrated with his social media and author newsletter to help him build […]

Cassandra Sky West Author Website

Cassandra Sky West Author Website Accessibility to her readers and a simple back-end for effortless maintenance was at the top of Ms. Sky West’s priority list. We put together a clean, elegant web space integrated with social media accounts to help a debut author maximize her marketing strategy and keep up to date with her readership.

Vivid Covers Website

Vivid Covers Website Vivid Covers is a website built on a powerful ecommerce engine, with guts and a lot of style. A slick shopping cart interface makes purchasing an easy choice for customers. Integration with PayPal, Swipe, and Amazon Payments make the shopping experience even more seamless. Powerful back-end tools such as inventory control, scheduled sales, coupon codes and more […]

Pose Vault Website

Pose Vault Website Among the biggest factors in the Pose Vault project was that Pose Vault was built on a subscription model with downloadable products–offering packages of 3d artist reference to subscribers on a monthly basis. Memberships, payments, and inventory/download control all needed to be built into the system. Ease of use was a high priority, and […]